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A year-long journey in the Intentional Creativity healing arts with a focus on somatic sciences designed for Artist Healers, Guides, Teachers, Therapists, Energy Workers and Trainers who desire to amplify their offerings through the practice in the Intentional Arts.

Based on the work of Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud and over twenty years of research in the field of Intentional Creativity.

PRISMA is ideal for those already leading or desiring to lead INDIVIDUAL and GROUP WORK that is inclusive of creativity and the healing arts.

All skill levels are welcome. No previous experience in the arts is required. Yet the ideal condidates for the training are already in their specific field.


  • Certify to become professionally certified to guide Intentional Creativity and join over 500 Graduates of our trainings.
  • Experience a rich virtual multi-media training with optional California based in-person gatherings
  • Amplify your service-based personal development offerings through the practice of the Intentional Arts
  • Explore what we call the 'somatic sciences' that contribute to your understanding of how and why Intentional Creativity works.
  • Design custom Intentional Creativity sessions with your own content supported by the evelen training modules.
  • Access to all materials that are downloadable for lifetime access including PDF, Video, Livestream and Live Calls and a 200 page manual
  • Practice the week by week delivery of material in your home studio with a combination of self-paced and guided
  • Access to a private Prisma forum via iMusea App
  • Recieve support from your Prisma team including nurses, doctors, and therapists studied in the methodology.
  • Learn more about a trauma-informed approach through an IC lens
  • Connect with a global movement of healers and creatives gathering around the world to revolutionize the field of healing
  • Explore your creativity through the mediums of watercolor in our step by step approach that you make your own.
  • Collaborate and be a part of the shaping of the healing modality of Intentional Creativity

    Come if you are called! We aren't making you a practitioner, and you can choose to call yourself what you like in terms of your title. For us 'practitioner' in this setting is about one who practices and shares Intentional Creativity.

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Metacognitive Painting with Watercolors

Do you see creativity as a curative modality in human suffering?

Do you feel that a trauma-informed approach combined with creativity could be a part the solution?

Do you feel called to be a part of revolutionizing the field of healing by including the clients in awakening their inner healers?

For most of our lives, we are taught to seek solutions outside of ourselves, as if the answer lies outside of what we know and who we already are. The paradigm of the 'healer outside' is enforced over and over in the 'expert model' where the gifted are exalted as the ones who are in the know.

What if, what we are in need of is not more naturally gifted people endowed with special powers, but rather each individual to gain access to their own solutions and sensations so they can navigate their own consciousness, energy, body, and heart?

MUSEA is in the process of exploring becoming a university. MUSEA University Extention Education Program offers an innovative approach to utilizing creativity as a modality for healing called Intentional Creativity® (IC). Intentional Creativity is based on the work of Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and the Intentional Creativity collective with over twenty years of research and tens of thousands of people practicing. Intentional Creativity prepares healing practitioners with innumerable creative activities to reveal stunning insight, innovation, and direction for their clients.

Prisma training is an experience for the healing arts professional to discover new ways of working that are sourced by the activation of the client's intuitive self-expression. A source that is often hidden from view. Intentional Creativity enables the invisible world of the client to become visible so that both the client and the practitioner can read and gather clues to a path of transformation, treatment, protocol designed by the client for their own use. Authorship in the creation of a path of healing increases ownership and accountability as well as the development and capacity of self-trust.

Explore some of the visual imagery that accompany our teachings.

Here are a few examples of the kind of work we may do with our clients in watercolor. We will show you the most simple approach to painting and drawing.

Here are a few examples of visual mediation teachings that we will practice.

Here are a few examples of the kind of work we may do with pen and paper.

Don't see yourself as an artist? We believe everyone is creative and given the ideal tools and concepts can tap into their deepest creative life force. So if you are concerned that you don't have the talent for the kind of creativity you see on this page or in our community, or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with art or don’t know much about it, you are in the right place.

This training will guide you in the basics of line making, shape-making, and hand lettering from an intuitive perspective. Drawing pictures is one of the most natural expressions of thoughts, feelings, and frequency of energy. Intentional Creativity has nothing to do with artistic talent. Messy and chaotic art reveals the hidden gems ... This isn’t about drawing or writing well, but about using the tools to get your ideas conscious. Often the patterns of colors, shapes, lines, marks that have meaning for the client and are revealed to be explored, offering an entirely new potential insight for the client and the practitioner.

Hear from Musea Curator and Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia
An invitation to Apply for 2022 Prisma Training

What's the science behind Intentional Creativity?

From the time we're born we are actively curious and creative. As newborns, we listen, touch, taste, smell, make sounds. As infants, we get mobile, we play pretend, make new sounds that form into language. This activity is more than human development, we are creating AND we are increasing the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections (neuroplasticity), especially in response to learning and experiencing.

One of our primary ideas in PRISMA is that if you and your client understand the very basics of the science of how doing Intentional Creativity can help amplify the capacity to receive the benefits.

Intuitively, we know that creativity is good for us, but what does science have to say about the benefits of trauma-informed approach creativity?

  • Activate the intelligence of the client to do their own healing work
  • Helps relieve stress, including PTSD and long term impacts of trauma
  • Energizes the body and energy systems by choice
  • Reduces dementia and cognition challenges
  • Improves mental health and increases a positive outlook
  • Boosts your immune system from the inside out
  • Improved coherence and connectivity between left and right brain function
  • Helps to process difficult emotions and feelings by offering a 'place to work it out'
  • Increases empathy, tolerance, compassion and awarenes

The PRISMA Philosophy

The PRISMA Philosophy understands that healing is amplified when we can know and see how it works from a scientific somatics perspective. For example, the WHY of how it works can enable a client to be actively engaged in their journey of healing by becoming 'at cause'. To be at cause includes being able to apply the 'building blocks' - a.k.a. regenerative nature of creation - in their experience.

An Intentional Creativity Practitioner works with consciousness, the body, and the field to create a condition in which the client can do their own work. This condition is accessible through teachings about the science and offering practical ways to apply them both in and beyond the session. Intentional Creativity can be applied to any area in need of healing and paired with any additional modality or spiritual tradition seamlessly.

What will you learn in this year long journey?

PRISMA training provides healing arts practitioners-in-training with a new set of Intentional Creativity practices, tools, session templates and capabilities to guide individuals and groups in their healing journey with plenty of room to innovate and make the work your own.

Self-expression in the arts positively affects mood, function, cognition, and behavior and your capacity to work with your cleint to awaken their inner healing capacity. Self-expression plays a significant role in developing our capacity to relate to others and engage in deep relationships and be a part of our own healing journey. Yet so often, we withhold our creativity because we confuse it with talent - you will work with your client to untangle the talen and creativity riddle and access the deepest well of insight that they have.

The curriculum is based on a personal experience of your own creativity and the information you gather during your process. As well as a transpersonal experience with how you choose to share the approach with your clients.

Each practitioner will work to weave the material into their existing offerings as well as create new offerings. You will begin practicing with your clients and also your training cohort as soon as we begin.

There are twelve CORE MODULES that we will explore during the year and practice in our circles and with our clients. There are also meditations in COHERENCE, CO-CREATION, COMPASSION, and CLAIRCONSCIOUSNESS that we will engage during our creative process and circles.

Below is a list of some of the planned curricula to get you excited about what is coming. Additional materials will be added as our model is emergent and adaptive based on what arises during the training.


There are 12 Teaching Modules connected with the PRISMA Teachings which will be guided by Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud. This content has evolved and been refined over a decade of research.

  • Orientation - Weaving Modalities and Healing and with Intentional Creativity - How to understand Intentional Creativity as an approach to collaboration with your existing teachings and modalities.
  • Individuation - Individuation, and Awareness of our Place in the Cosmos Science of the Ecosystem, Matrix, and Mycelium.
  • Imagination - Imagination and the Wonder of Consciousness and Cognition Science of the Brain/Neuroscience.
  • Incarnation - Incarnation from Stardust into our Your Cosmic Address Science of E=Mc2 and Observation and Particle and Wave Nature
  • Connection - Connection with Local, Inter-local, and Non-Local Fields Science of the Field and Quantum Entanglement
  • Collaboration - Collaboration with DNA Potentials and Alignment Science of Genes as it relates to Intentional Creativity Sense of Aliveness and Capacity
  • Invitation - Invitation to the Field of Love Science of Coherency
  • Causation - Causation as a Result of Self Agency and Field Condition Science of Active Choice, Frequency and Gravity
  • Activation - Activation of ClairConsciousness and the Voice of the Soul Science of Psychology as it Relates to Brain and Belief
  • Regeneration - Regeneration as the Teacher of Natural Order Science of Sacred Geometry
  • Intention - Intention to Influence and Amplify Agency with Wave Form Science of Probability and Chaos
  • Initiation - Initiation of Chosen Archetypal Patterning Science of Psychological Modeling as a Potential Future + Submission of Portfolio


  • A PDF of the 42 Intentional Creativity teachings for a greater comprehension of the science and spiritual-based aspects of the work and how to use it in our creative process.
  • 9 facets of Awareness medicine painting which provide you with everything you need to know about art as a tool for healing.
  • Anthropas - Yearlong personal painting practice for your own healing benefit and practice to discover what it means to you to become a real and true human being. Traces your evolution from the big bang to the day you were born and includes the science-based aspects of the theory of relativity.


  • INFINITY Intentional Creativity Coherence Meditation: a practice to align visible and invisible systems within the human body and biofield so that when you are working you are in the most aligned place possible.
  • TRINITY - Intentional Creativity Consciousness Teaching to discover how to amplify the impacts of creativity as an approach.
  • CAUSATION- Intentional Creativity Meditation Metacognition and Causal Consciousness so that you and your clients can work with a fresh approach to making things happen, far more advanced than most ideas about 'manifestation and change'.


  • Creation of a Business Plan with your newest material.
  • Collaborate with your cohort on business/media content to incorporate Intentional Creativity into your practice.
  • Explore marketing your offerings and achieving a return on your investment in real-time for those who choose.


  • Everything about the training is summarized in making Intentional Creativity a personal and professional practice.

Below are some examples of what you will experience and learn through the practices and the teachings.


Freedom within our Creativity invites us to learn more about our inner world in an authentic and enriching way


Understanding how Intentional Creativity works from a basic scientific and neuroscientific perspectice supports impact.


Practicing the art of aliveness through including the wisdom of the body in every part of our healing journey


Quantum Compassion can be amplified by understanding the 'field condition' of connectivity.


Connection with our community of fellow healers and guides creates saced space.


Collaboration with all of life and one another through understand our role and capacity in being co-creators.

You will learn how the basic sciences of the body and the field can influence your experience of healing and how it works. Guided by Jonathan McCloud, M.A., you will be invited to facilitate and apply these concepts to creative processes with your clients for greater understanding and engagement.

The Neuroscience Application of
Creativity as a New Pattern

Lengthening Telomeres by Choice and Creativity Flow States

Stimulating the Polyvagal
Nervous System move from
Fight, Flight, Fawn, and Freeze
to Form and Flow

Initiating Heart Brain Coherence

Understanding and Collaborating with the BIOFIELD to create communication between mind, brain and body.

What are some of the things I can expect to receive from the training?

  • Increase cognition, reduce stress, induce flow, initiate healing, inspire self-regulation, soothe systems, and create patterns of resiliency for yourself and your clients.
  • Amplify your clients healing by knowing and seeing how the basic science of the body and the field influences the healing experience.
  • Understand the basics of the somatic sciences and how to work with it in a simple way.  
  • Create conditions where your clients can do their own connection with consciousness and healing work.
  • Work with your clients to create an emergent form of aliveness, working on/within the realm of dreams mental causation.
  • Curate your own unique approach to healing through the arts and design a potent framework for your own content.
  • Incorporate working with pen and paper in your client sessions. Paint with watercolors, watercolor paper, and natural earth pigments.
  • Share and practice the medicine painting approach in client sessions and design full day and longer workshops with the material (the shortlist is above).
  • Understanding of how to incorporate the sacred and love into clinical practices and environments.

PRISMA IS A SANCTUARY of LEARNING and PRACTICE in the field of Intentional Creativity. We are passing on the wisdom of co-creation.
We teach you. You teach yourself. You teach them. They teach themselves.
They teach others. Together we heal.

How do I know if this training is for me?

Prisma Training is for you if you are someone who…

  • Guides existing clients and circles with your focused healing art
  • Desires to amplify their healing offerings through the practice of intentional arts through the sciences, somatics, and self-expression. 
  • Looking to leverage creativity as a modality for healing and upscale your offerings
  • Looking to gain access to their own solutions and sensations so they can navigate their own consciousness, energy, body, and heart.
  • Longs to discover and deepen how to improve your own healing methods, practices, and coursework and how it weaves with your deepest sense of innate creativity.
  • Desires freedom from 'doing all the work' and getting only minimal results and recovery from 'guru-syndrome' effect of needing to provide the magic pill or bullet.
  • Desires to create a step-by-step plan to language, image, price, and reveal marketing materials that showcase your new skillset and invite existing clients as well as new clients to experience your work.

Where is the training located? Virtual with in person choices!

Prisma Training can be taken 100% virtually online. We have two opportunities for you to join us in person at our Musea Center for Intentional Creativity campus in Sonoma California with additional investment. Read the in-person details below.

Once accepted into Prisma Training you will be connected into a virtual Prisma Training Classroom in our exclusive iMUSEA app and be granted access to a Prisma Training Dashboard that will keep you up-to-date on all scheduled learning activities, FAQs and our entire calendar for the year.

Prisma Gathering 2022

Prisma Gathering 2022

Prisma Gathering 2022

About the In-Person Gatherings

The dates for the two 4-day gatherings are April 22 - 25 and December 9 - 12, 2022. We understand there are limitations and concerns with travel, and we also hear that some people are wanting to travel and study together in person. If there is enough interest, these dates are reserved just for PRISMA students to come together. We begin at 3 PM on Day 1.

The location will be at MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California, and more details, including suggestions for lodging, will be shared in plenty of time to help you plan your travel. *We always recommend purchasing travel insurance. Your tuition covers materials, instruction, and some meals, from our in-house culinary team. For those who cannot travel, these events will be broadcast via Livestream, though we will not be able to record every aspect.

Attending in-person to meet and spend time with Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud and your fellow students is a rich and dynamic experience that cannot be duplicated in the virtual realm. Our point is that if you feel well enough to travel and would love connection in person, do what you can to join us! We would love to have you for both events, and picking one is fine too. We are willing to work with you to make this happen! Space will likely be limited and is offered on a first-come basis.

We will be working together to develop your website or website offering for the addition of Intentional Creativity into your scope of practice. As you work with clients and gain images, testimonials, and language for your work, you will be adding them to your website, sales page, and offerings.

About Musea University

The work of Intentional Creativity has been in practice for over twenty years. We are in the process of forming a University and part of our work is to demonstrate several graduated classes. Prisma is our primary training that will be built to move into the University. This is a several year process and there are no guarantees about accreditation or how it works. Students agree that they understand we are in an experimental phase, not entirely a university yet - but an Extention Education Program. More about this will be revealed to those called to apply. Those who are not interested in University Education Units can simply receive a Certification as Practitioner.

Prisma Gathering 2022

Prisma Gathering 2022

Johnathan presenting the meal

MUSEA Luncheon in the Garden

Prisma Materials

Prisma materials

Apply to add PRISMA Teachings to Your Healing Practice

What is my Investment?

Intentional Creativity® Practitioner Certification Training is an INVESTMENT in YOU, YOUR PRACTICE, and the FUTURE of THE HEALING ARTS WORLD!

There is a $25 application fee to ensure that those who apply are committed to exploring the training and moving forward upon acceptance. The fee is non-refundable. You will be invited to share your story and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The application process can provide you with great clarity about your path forward whether or not you become a student.

We offer lots of finanical aid choices. The Tuition for Prisma Training is $9,477.00 when paid in full and does not include in-person gatherings. We offer 12 and 24 month financed payment plans. Complete details of the financial investment and the options are available on the investment page.

This is an example of Shiloh's set up for a virtual leading online.

What is required to take this training?

Prerequisite Training:

For 2022 ONLY any of these courses will be accepted as a PRISMA prerequisite:

  • Symbol of Healing - Provided upon registration
  • Ritual - 13 Moon Course
  • Vivid - Tapestry
  • Anthropas or Codex
  • Dance of the Critic and the Muse


  • The 42 Teachings of Intentional Creativity (PDF)
  • The Feast Table of Love (BOOK) via pdf or purchase a hard copy.
  • The PRISMA Manual (digital only) will evolve during our time together.


An extensive materials list will be provided, but these are the basics.

  • Watercolors
  • Watercolor paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Natural earth pigments 
  • Paintbrushes for watecolor
  • Pen and paper
  • Journal
  • Canvas
  • Acryclic paint
  • Paint brushes for acrylic

Certification Requirements

Certification and Graduation requirements will be provided.
Here are a few of the assignments

  • Working directly with their clients using the Intentional Creativity processes they learn during the training. 
  • Working in the community with 'lab' days to practice
  • Attendance of calls or watch recordings
  • Completion of Course Painting
  • Practice guiding others in the process on paper, group process, meditation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how the science of IC works in the eleven modules
  • Completion of the 12 Modules
  • Portfolio of completed works

Meet the MUSEA teachers, guides, and guests that will be with us on this yearlong journey

Shiloh Sophia


Mary MacDonald

Sharon Handy

Sumaiyah Yates

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Rosie Mac

Alison Haitana

Jenafer C. Owen

Guest Faculty

Exploring trauma and recovery through creativity with Guest Faculty

Dr. Havi Mandell

Dr. Lissa Rankin

Dr. Mary McCrystal

Mary Ann Matthys

Shannon Thompson

Dr. Semerit Strachan

Andrew Johnstone

Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of Sacred Medicine, at MUSEA in Sonoma filming a series with Shiloh Sophia about how to be trauma-informed when working with Intentional Creativity.

Behind the scene look at Jonathan McCloud Teaching

Our Research with over 500 women in our community demonstrates the power of Intentional Creativity

Practice and Compassion

  • 93% said they experience creativity as a mindfulness practice
  • 92% feel that creativity influences their compassion for themselves
  • 90% said they experienced compassion for others near them through creativity
  • 89% felt a sense of connection with the Divine (as they define it)
  • 89% said they include creativity as a part of their spiritual practice
  • 86% felt that their creative practice positively impacted those closest to them
  • 80% said they would suggest creative process to others who experience depression

Self Expression and Wellbeing

  • 93% experience creating as a relief/break that benefits their overall well being
  • 90% have experienced a shift in recurring emotional pain through creative process
  • 90% said that creativity helped them maintain a healthy outlook
  • 89% said they bring insights into their life discovered while painting
  • 88% said they experienced a shift in their personal story through creating with intention
  • 86% said they have experienced breakthroughs and aha’s during painting
  • 85% said they experienced an expanded sense of self
  • 79% noticed an ease of physical symptoms while creating
  • 77% said they choose painting specifically to work through a chosen breakthrough
Apply for Prisma Training

What do Intentional Creativity graduates say about the training?

2022 is our first year of PRISMA Intentional Creativity Practitioner Training Certification. You will find common threads of experience, knowledge, and transformation from this and the other three MUSEA Intentional Creativity® certification training programs (Red Thread, Color of Woman, and Motherboard). We hope these shares from our other certification training programs will provide you with an idea of the types of experiences others had while training to be an Intentional Creativity Guide, Teacher, or Coach.

"Intentional Creativity® assisted me to connect more fully with my sacred, loving soul center. My muse is now active and guides me with her playful and fun energy. Additionally, it has prepared me to teach my first Intentional Creativity® class on my own and it turned out so wonderfully. The entire experience, and especially this piece have taught me to: Know you are scared, loved, and precious, I want you to shine like the stars you were created from."
~ Helen Litwiler

"It's life-changing. So much more than what I expected in shared knowledge and pure experience. Make more time in your schedule that you think you need and go all in!"
~ Mara

"This is probably one of the best courses I have ever done! You learn amazing skills to paint for yourself, to tap into your own information, and to go out share, and teach others. You get all the support you need and more."
~ Rose Donaghy

"Instead of wasting time on worry, grief, and buried emotion I now spend time creating a beautiful new journey for myself and others. Thank you Motherboard for this amazing healing and transformation that has taken place in my life."
~ Judith Campanaro

"I would say it is worth every minute that you spend doing this training. Your life will change. YOU will understand a talis-woman that will show in the physical what we so often forget. IT will draw you closer to who you are and closer to those you want to be around."
~ Rev. Karen Thompson

"It is an investment in yourself and your business... one I found worth it! This is the kind of training I wanted when I went for my master's in counseling. I feel like many of the gaps were filled in. Thank you!"
~ Rachél Payne

You are invited to continue to explore the rest of the site for more details about Prisma Training, MUSEA, the painting process; Anthropas, a meditation process you can utilize today, and more.