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Intentional Creativity® Practitioner Certification Training is an INVESTMENT in YOU, YOUR PRACTICE, and the FUTURE of THE HEALING ARTS WORLD!

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Application Process

The application process is designed to help us learn more about you and your intentions with becoming a Certified Intentional Creativity Practitioner. We recommend taking your time so you can thoroughly answer the questions which will help you gain even further clarity about your desires and vision for serving others. May we suggest getting cozy with a cuppa tea as you honor your desire to join us for this nine-month journey?

*Due to privacy concerns, you cannot save your changes and come back later. We also recommend typing your answers into a document so you have them should your application not save (which does happen now and then).

Upon review of your application, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance within 5 business days with instructions to move forward and reserve your spot in the training. Or, if we have questions before proceeding, we will contact you by email.

Questions? Contact Director of Communications, Sarah Mardell at

Tuition Overview

The Core Online Training includes everything you need to qualify for Certification as an Intentional Creativity Practitioner.

Tuition is $9,477 USD. We offer generous payment plans starting at $188 a month for 18 months. Upon acceptance, you will be able to review pricing options and choose the tuition package that works best for you. For payment plans longer than 4 months, we have a simple interest rate of 13% to offset the cost of administering your payment plan.

About Certification: At the end of the Training, you will be invited to submit your assignments through an online format for Certification. There is a one-time $250 Certification Fee due in January 2024 which covers your signed certificate mailed by Shiloh Sophia and your transition into the Intentional Creativity Guild. KMP is this true, the GUILD access, or is it for a limited time?

About scholarships: *Those who apply during Priority Enrollment are eligible to be considered for partial scholarships and extended payment plans as needed. We have a fully dedicated staff, as well as graduates who come back to teach and are supported by our budget each year. If you need a partial scholarship you are welcome to apply and share your need at the end of the application. Our team will review your request once the core spots for the training have been filled. Our preference is that you propose a longer-term payment plan and we will happily consider your needs. Email to explore.

University Credits: Prisma is our primary training for MUSEA University Curate degree. This degree is an innovative approach to utilizing creativity as a modality for healing called Intentional Creativity® (IC). Intentional Creativity is based on the work of Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and the Intentional Creativity collective with over twenty years of research and tens of thousands of people practicing.

Prisma students that are interested in applying for Curate will have the opportunity to submit their work after the training to be eligible for 12 credits. More will be shared with our students about the University and when to apply during the class year. Those not interested in University Education Units will receive a Certification as an Intentional Creativity® Practitioner upon completion and submission of certification requirements.

"Fibonacci Financing"

The vision is that each sequence builds upon the next one. Building exponentially in potential with each development. Offering financing for you comes from our own model of working with Fibonacci. We will share with you how it works in terms of investment and collaboration as a way to see numbers.

Investment and Financing with Payment Plans

Continue reading for financing choices. Should you have questions specifically related to tuition, please contact


$9,477.00 (one-time payment) *Savings of $1,000

If needed, we are open to you paying this balance in two equal installments 30 days apart.



This balance includes a 10% administrative charge to manage the life of your loan.

Potential to
Pay for this with four clients a month at $250 each.



This balance includes a 15% administrative charge to manage the life of your loan.

Potential to
Pay for this with two clients a month at $250 each.

Apply to add PRISMA Teachings to Your Healing Practice

How can you make this course pay for itself immediately?

To support and guide the actuality of practice, for those who are qualified (meaning already in practice), we will be promoting your sessions to our greater community, as well as offering booking opportunities.

We create a business plan template with you that enables you to see and imagine paying for the training while in the training because you are working with your clients in real-time.

We will be working together to develop your website or website offering for the addition of Intentional Creativity into your scope of practice. As you work with clients and gain images, testimonials, and language for your work, you will be adding them to your website, sales page, and offerings.

There is a $25 application fee to ensure that those who apply are committed to exploring the training and moving forward upon acceptance. The fee is non-refundable, yet worth it for those who are serious about evolving their work. You will be invited to share your story and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The application process can provide you with great clarity about your path forward whether or not you become a student.