Once you become a graduate of one of the four Intentional Creativity Certification programs you will be eligible for inclusion in our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory. This directory allows people to find Intentional Creativity experts, like you, in their area. In addition, you will receive a certification graphic to add to your offers, materials, and website showing your credentials as an Intentional Creativity Teacher, Guide, Coach, and/or Practitioner. To honor your completion we will announce YOU to our greater community of Intentional Creativity so we may celebrate you and your work!

This page contains shares from graduates of MUSEA's other three certification training programs. We hope this will provide you with an idea of the types of experiences others had while training in the Intentional Creativity Method.

Color of Woman
Certified Intentional Creativity Teachers

Color of Woman
Intentional Creativity Teacher Certification

Color of Woman is the Intentional Creativity® Teacher Certification Training designed to be a Quest to the Heart of your Soul Work. The training curriculum is rooted in the exploration of personal archetypes that move through terrains of hidden worlds to discover your content. Your content is that which you are here to cause and create. What is yours to do in this lifetime? Once you practice Intentional Creativity, you will see the link between this approach to creating, and your own life work.

Color of Woman Graduate Shares

Painting: Owl Woman by Helen Litwiler, 2020 Graduate

"Intentional Creativity® assisted me to connect more fully with my sacred, loving soul center. My muse is now active and guides me with her playful and fun energy. Additionally, it has prepared me to teach my first Intentional Creativity® class on my own and it turned out so wonderfully. The entire experience, and especially this piece have taught me to: Know you are scared, loved, and precious, I want you to shine like the stars you were created from."
~ Helen Litwiler

Painting: The Guardian by Virginie Hentzienne, 2020 Graduate

"The incredible surprise and teaching of this painting was owning my Fierceness brought me to the most vulnerable part of myself that was in need of healing, acceptance, and complete surrender to embody the Wisdom of my Oracle. She showed me that Fierceness and Vulnerability were not excluding each other, but on the contrary, that the first when properly owned and acknowledged, was the Sacred guardian of the other, and the Sacred path to self-responsibility."
~ Virginie Hentzienne

We asked Color of Woman graduates; What would you tell a friend considering the Color of Woman Training? Below are some responses.

"Color of Woman Training transformed my way of being in the world. My soul feels honored and nourished. I shine like a newborn, authentic and aligned both inside and out."
~ Noni Collins

"It is probably one of the best courses I have ever done! You learn amazing skills to paint for yourself, to tap into your own information, and to go out share, and teach others. You get all the support you need and more."
~ Rose Donaghy

"Just jump right in and feel the love and support of the red thread sisters. You won't regret it! It will be the making of will find your soul work."
~ Monica Jane Wade

"Go for it! It will challenge the stories you have been telling yourself to protect yourself from the unknown, and the things you think you can't handle."
~ Denise P. Kee-Coelho

"It is a life transforming journey of self-initiation whilst being guided through the subtle realms by an invisible hand and a loving guide."
~ Bianca Patetl

"Yes Yes Yes! By all means! Jump in heart first! Know that it takes a deep commitment to yourself and the community you become a part of. It’s like being in cosmic grad school! You may find yourself, like me, expanding and deepening and refining and strengthening yourself beyond what you could imagine! Let yourself be surprised! I never imagined that this kind of healing was possible, but I know it from personal experience! Give yourself this life-changing teacher training and when you feel ready, when you are “Healed Enough”, then like so many of us, you will begin sharing the truth that it is possible for women to heal their own lives. Oh-and even though I wouldn’t call this a ‘how to teach how to paint’ course, my painting skills and intuition to follow my impulses on the canvas has expanded as well!"
~ Julie Mae Pigott

Red Thread Training
Certified Intentional Creativity Guides

Red Thread Training
Intentional Creativity Guide Certification

The Red Thread Training is an Intentional Creativity approach to guiding circles founded on the teachings from Shiloh Sophia's book and manual, The Way of the Red Thread about curating a culture of connection designed to empower women to become leaders and circle facilitators.

Red Thread Graduate Shares

We asked Red Thread graduates; What would you tell a friend considering the Red Thread Training? Below are some responses.

"DO IT!!! Nothing like gaining knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and confidence in sharing your Self and your work with the world, and RTT will surely give you all of that."
~ Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

"The Red Thread Training is a way to enter the spiritual flow of life with ease and structure while digging deep into our ancestral roots and feeling out to our beloveds while being held in sisterhood as you stand and hold your piece of the red thread."
~ Chanel Hacker

"I would say it is worth every minute that you spend doing this training. Your life will change. YOU will understand a talis-woman that will show in the physical what we so often forget. IT will draw you closer to who you are and closer to those you want to be around."
~ Rev. Karen Thompson

"It will be the most amazing journey into the Mystery of Life and you will be surprised by the blessings you received. Expect the unexpected, it is one of the great adventures of your life."
~ Rosamaría Polidura

Certified Intentional Creativity Coaches

Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coach Certification

MOTHERBOARD: Intentional Creativity® Coach Certification is an evolutionary approach to working with others individually or in groups, designed to empower you to efficiently and effectively catalyze your client’s process and enhance their results. They become accountable for their own results, awakening insight, intuition, and inspiration. This class promised to empower you to help in truly astonishing and revolutionary ways. Imagination is the key to freedom of self-expression!

Motherboard Graduate Shares

Voyager Painting: "The Infinite Self" by Motherboard Graduate, Kami Pollvogt

"Much of what I have learned during the Motherboard Intentional Creativity® Coach Training has been methods to drawing out (pun intended) what is inside, outside, and in-between! I have grown in my understanding of my truth, meaning-making, and a great deal on relational context to the way I coach with the multiple facets of human beings.

I am excited to continue to use my imagination in conjunction with my research to provide women the insights into how they are showing up for themselves and in the world. My Voyager experience has mirrored life. I have struggled, I have been delighted, and challenged to go deep in a way that I have not done before. There is something about the reflection of what appears as you create that really opens a part of you that is quite interesting and imaginative."
~ Kami Pollvogt

Voyager painting 'Rebirth' by Motherboard graduate, Alyse Parise

“Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coaching is an approach which highlights how relevant creativity is in our lives. When we can combine intentionality (combination of mindfulness and embodiment) with being creative, we can solve age-old human dilemmas, find answers to daily problems, shift stuck patterns of relating and heal traumas. Anyone can be creative! You don’t need to know how to draw or be an artist. All you need is to think about an inquiry that you want to explore. Then pick up a pen, pencil, crayon, paintbrush, or any other medium and allow your hand to move in response to your intention.

The Motherboard experience allowed me to claim that I am empowered to step into myself as a strong, loving, creative woman healing presence in our world. I claim that I can find joy within myself and NOT look OUTSIDE for it. That I AM ENOUGH and have all that I need within me as a strong, loving woman. Motherboard has unleashed my CREATIVE SELF and my world is changing!!!!”
~ Alyse Parise

We asked Motherboard graduates; What would you tell a friend considering the Motherboard Training? Below are some responses.

"It's life-changing. So much more than what I expected in shared knowledge and pure experience. Make more time in your schedule that you think you need and go all in!"
~ Mara

"Instead of wasting time on worry, grief, and buried emotion I now spend time creating a beautiful new journey for myself and others. Thank you Motherboard for this amazing healing and transformation that has taken place in my life."
~ Judith Campanaro

"I would say it [Motherboard] is exceptional and will be the start of an amazing adventure that will continue to infuse their life and work."
~ Christine Fanning

"It is an investment in yourself and your business... one I found worth it! This is the kind of training I wanted when I went for my master's in counseling. I feel like many of the gaps were filled in. Thank you!"
~ Rachél Payne

The construct I was living in before I started working with you + Johnathan and this amazing community was not as imaginative or fun or open to possibility. I had wondered "how did I get here" and "what am I doing" in my life. When I first found you, I was also reading the Four Agreements by Don Miguel and I was just learning that I can choose to change the agreements I have constructed, or in other words that I can break the spells that I have been brought up with. A year later, you have since taught me how to use the blank page as a clear field, an imaginary space, a blank slate, a fresh memory palace in which I can populate using Intentional Creativity. Tools that I can continue to use as agreements and spells become known through my access to awareness. Seriously, like where else can you learn this stuff?!? ❤️ Thank you for this inquiry and reflection.
~ Cassandra Lasson, Intentional Creativity Student