Intentional Creativity Coherence Meditation

This meditation and teaching is an example of what we will teach you to practice, that you can then teach your clients to practice.

This is a practice to align visible and invisible systems within the human body and biofield. We intend to create a conscious connection and we are using our imagination, as well as our words, our sensations, and our hands to participate.

Often following the meditation, there is a pure clear field open where there may be a 'thought' that is new or fresh, or beautiful. The co-creation of this space is what we affectionately talk about as clairconsciousness; a way to access what is ready to be revealed to you.

This meditation can be done with eyes open or closed, and made your own in any way you choose and last from a minute to half an hour. Pay particular attention to how you feel before, and then how you feel after. Practice feeling the good feeling at other times throughout the day.

You are going to use a motion I refer to as 'tracing' - like marking the air with the shapes of your hands. The motion you make is up to you - the idea is to trace the connection between the three systems in Inifinity loops, touching each area of the heart, brain, and tummy gently with the energy of invitation. Your hands are tracing 'in the field' but you are also somatically experiencing the flow of energy between the systems. Feeling present in your body as you go. You can even watch your hands, or gently focus in the space between, this is a creative somatic approach.

Once you get the hang of it you can do this in less than a minute, or even just a few seconds and it reconnects with your practice. There is a much longer version, but these three systems are the core of the practice. You can't get this wrong. Enjoy!

Meditation - Give it a try!

INFINITY: Intentional Creativity Coherence Meditation

  • Invite: Begin by inviting all of your systems into a meditative space. Notice your breathing. Set an intention for coherence and just feel how that feels. Allow the heart to become present for you by tapping gently in your heart area. Feel the love.
  • Tracing: Slowly, use your hands as if they are paintbrushes, trace an infinity loop from your heart, up to your head, tapping there as well, circling your brain and mind area, inviting coherence.

    Then trace back around the heart and to the tummy (gut), once again touching gently and inviting coherence in that entire system.

    Then return to the heart and move very slowly, feeling each place as you trace. As if each one is becoming more and more awakened and rested at the same time.
  • Repeat and Modify: Trace the triple infinity loop in your own way - feeling present as you 'feel into' creating alignment. Once you feel they are connected, repeat and modify.

It is not important to do it the same way each time. Let your body flow choose. Make funny shapes, modify - innovate. As you are called you can begin to include other areas of your body and field.

The extended version includes the reproductive area, as well as hands, feet, skin, face, identity, and field. Essentially you can invite any system you become present to. You can think of the invisible and visible as having energetic coordinates that you are becoming conscious of, repairing and creating connections.

While coherence is a science, how you create it is up to you. The concepts are clear - create coherence between systems, sometimes called the three brains. From here, there is a greater capacity for clairconsciousness. Especially as you complete the meditation, see what your consciousness reveals. Practice, modify, and love. See what happens.

When you feel ready - you can send love to all beings from a space of coherence.

Intentional Creativity Consciousness Teaching

"This is a 'draft' of foundational concepts we will refine together through our mutual discussion, collaboration, and practice. I sincerely desire that those of us working with others have a basic understanding, agreement, and vocabulary of the human field and form energy systems. We need to be able to teach our clients the basics and to do so free of dogma and belief, rooted in the sciences and the sacred. "
~ Shiloh Sophia

Mass and Energy are different forms of the same thing.

Consciousness exists in a triune way (consisting of three in one)
in relationship with the human body.

We can think of our body as a cooling sack of stars with particles inside, a weave of skin where particle meets wave, and then the infinite wave of the quantum field containing all of it and us being aware of this relationship.

In essence, we are the field and we are in the field at the same time. In Intentional Creativity, we pay attention to the 'bio-field' in a very specific way because that is where the action and 'choice cascade can be catalyzed.

We also know that our ’intention’ can shift the behavior of all systems when applied, and that LOVE specifically impacts in a direct way.


In neuroscience, it is known that the combined wisdom of the three brains, known as multiple-brain integration, guides you to make the most coherent choices. According to research from the Unitec Institute of Technology, the three brains all work together, quite literally, to inform one another.

The gut-brain consists of two nerve centers that have about 100 million neurons, even more than the spinal cord. Since the gut produces 70 percent of the hormone cortisol, imagine if you could increase connectivity with how it works with the heart and brain by choice?! For example, a real or perceived threat and how it is experienced. The gut releases cortisol during stressful periods to control blood pressure and regulate metabolism, and memory.

How often is our gut moving into stress before we even choose how we are going to be with the situation at hand? What if there is another available choice? Did you know that 70 percent of serotonin — which helps the brain be clear — is produced from within the gut?

So what will change if the heart is communicating more clearly with the brain before the gut releases and produces chemicals in response to a situation? We have a choice here, we need to make it conscious as co-creators.

We begin with the heart in the Infinity meditation, because it is continually sending signals to guide your brain. Scientists talk about the 40,000 cardiac neurons working together to communicate all along the vagus nerve to the brain. Those are intelligent and influenceable by us with intention. We often think it is the brain doing the thinking, but it really starts in the heart.

How would it feel to introduce science in your relationships with your clients and circles in a way that is easy?

Do you think your clients could be more engaged in their own healing if they understood how it works?

We do.